Welcome to i-Behind The Ink Pvt. Ltd., where leadership and instructional design converge to facilitate a transformative journey for individuals, communities, and organisations.

About Us

IBTI has co-created the RuFu Fellowship program with the Balipara Foundation – the World’s First International Naturenomics Fellowship for rewilding, regenerative agriculture, and community-led conservation practices in the Eastern Himalayan Region.

We believe in the power of youth engagement and radical collaboration to accelerate the installation of sustainable solutions for socio-ecological problems. Our programs ensure that the youth are engaged in immersive life-changing experiences, supporting indigenous communities in governance and growing local economy where nature and humanity coexist in harmony, and develop their sustainable economic solutions with full support and backing from IBTI and the Balipara Foundation

Rooted in the values of interconnectedness, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), and eco-centric principles, we collaborate with organizations to build new narratives to catalyze change

Key areas of focus

  Urgent socio-ecological problems

  Harnessing the power of youth

  Solutions to bridge gaps between domains, sectors, and people

Our Expertise

  Eco-centric designs for community engagement

  System designs based on interconnectedness and DEI principles

  Designing training modules and resource toolkits

Our Offerings

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including designing, facilitating, and implementing Fellowships, and leadership curricula, and creating training toolkits and manuals to grow the capacity and capabilities of organizations.

Our Outcomes

  Action-oriented, value-driven leaders

  Structured processes

  Transforming organizations through training modules and resource toolkits

  Safe spaces for developing organisational cultures

Our Mission

Champion innovative strategies to empower individuals and communities through collaborative efforts with organizations dedicated to environmental protection, youth development, marginalized communities, women's empowerment, and the preservation of indigenous cultures.

Our Vision
A brighter, more inclusive future for all, driving meaningful change and inspiring positive transformation worldwide. Inspiring others to join this collective awakening in our commitment to creating a better tomorrow.

RuFu Fellowship
Over the years of working closely with communities on the ground, i-Behind the Ink and the Balipara Foundation and have met and worked with remarkable, determined young leaders who have worked against the odds for their local ecosystems.
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Meet the team
Sweetlana Ranjan
Sweetlana Ranjan
Founder, CEO
Sweetlana Ranjan
Nitesh Bhardwaj
Co-Founder, Director
Sweetlana Ranjan
Shilpi Singh
Program Manager - Rural Futures Fellowship
Sweetlana Ranjan
G Anusha Katyayani
Program Facilitation Lead
Sweetlana Ranjan
Dr Anita Rajah
Professor & HOD Psychology, Rajagiri College
Sweetlana Ranjan
Sarita Rawat
Senior Consultant